Yildiz is a Brisbane based healer with many years experience helping people through her applications of Clinical Hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling, Family Constellations; and now through her innovative Rapid Core Healing (RCH). So what is Rapid Core Healing? Yildiz suggests that it is an integration of Emotional Mind Integration (EMI) and Family Constellations (FC).


I wanted to open this book with no expectations. I had no knowledge of the art of RCH. I was curious as to what RCH is and how it could be applied in the healing arts. I was very pleasantly surprised. Every page turned gave me a clear and deeper insight into the philosophies and practicalities behind RCH and the many ways it can be applied in the healing of clients.


Yildiz has left no stone unturned in her research. She delves into the history of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, Family Constellations and other associated modalities; linking the past with present developments. She systematically details case studies, giving the reader a ready understanding of how RCH could be applied with clients. As a reader and Clinical Hypnotherapist I found myself challenged at times as some of Yildiz’s methods were outside of my preferred scope. Yet I remained intrigued and stimulated.


Yildiz Sethi has created a comprehensive, constructive and sometimes challenging book.


I commend this book to other hypnotherapists and psychotherapists as an entrée in a potential addition to your armoury.


Yildiz Sethi will be a guest presenter at the first NSW AHA Workshop in March 2018.


Book Review – Brett Cameron CHt (Newcastle NSW)